Public policy shapes almost everything about the ownership and management of our working landscapes. From local land-use codes to state wildlife management to federal environmental regulations and farm subsidies to international trade agreements, policy decisions ultimately define our options and our future. As primary stakeholders with deep personal and financial investments in the land, we founded Western Landowners Alliance to ensure that landowners have a direct voice in the policy matters that impact us. We work to ensure that public policies support sustainable stewardship and conservation of the lands and the natural resources in our care.

In Support of Our Public Lands

As landowners and ranchers who own and manage deeded and leased public lands across the West, we oppose HR621 and HR622. The blanket sale of federal lands poses the risk of putting those who ranch or depend on public lands out of business, undermining our local economics, and diminishing opportunities for our citizens to interact with wild, intact, natural places, thereby lessening the connection (and associated learning and understanding) needed to sustain them. 

Restoring America’s Rural Economies, Land and Wildlife

WLA’s work is led and informed by experienced landowners and managers who have a vested stake in both the economic and environmental well being of the West’s great landscapes and rural communities. As a nation, it is essential that we reinvest in the land, natural resources and people that sustain us all. Read WLA’s 2017 policy platform to learn more.

2017 WLA Policy Flyer

WLA Policy Platform Flyer

As the owners and managers of private and leased public lands throughout the West, we created the Western Landowners Alliance to advance excellence in the stewardship of these resources. This flyer provides a visual overview of our priorities and policy platform.

Recent Policy Work

For the past three years, Western Landowners Alliance has worked hard and in collaboration with a variety of partners to ensure strong support in the 2018 Farm Bill for working lands in the West. We are pleased to announce that last night, Congress released the 2018 Farm Bill conference report reflecting many of WLA’s top…

After more than a year of work by those most interested in passing an on-time Farm Bill – farmers, ranchers and advocacy groups interested in sustainable agriculture, conservation and forestry – the 2014 Farm Bill expired at midnight on September 30, 2018.  The expiration marks the second time in a row that the Farm Bill…

Policy Resources

Forests and Ranges

Forest and Range

WLA brings the experience, values and interests of the best stewards in the West to public policies that affect private and public working forests and rangeland.



WLA provides a direct voice in water resource policy for landowners committed to the conservation and wise management of water, which is critical to the West’s future.



WLA promotes policies that provide flexibility and economic support, enabling landowners to meet the needs of both wildlife and people.

From The Blog


WLA works to provide landowners a say in designing commonsense policies that ensure healthy lands and robust communities.



Robust rural economics are essential to keeping our remaining lands intact and under family ownership.


Stronger Together

Place-based collaboration is the foundation for successful, enduring stewardship. Together, we are building a healthier and more productive West.

Leadership from the Land

Founded, led and inspired by landowners and practitioners working to create a better West.



Bringing landowner perspectives and stories to bear on major issues shaping the West.



WLA’s peer network and shared knowledge base is designed for landowners striving to keep the land whole and healthy.



Advancing pragmatic, common ground solutions that sustain working lands, connected landscapes and native species.

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