Working lands have the richest biodiversity, per acre, found across the Western landscape, and are typically where the majority of fresh water is found. Working lands are also equally critical for sustaining prosperous rural businesses and long-term economic vitality.

The stewardship of these landscapes is both a privilege and a tremendous responsibility. To support this hard work, we create opportunities for knowledge exchange between landowners, make science more accessible and relevant, and provide the resources and information needed to make sound management decisions.

The Working Wild Challenge

Thriving ranches and thriving wildlife.

Our landowner-led effort recognizes the challenge of ranching with wildlife, and facilitates constructive dialogue between wildlife managers and working lands stewards to solve problems through peer learning, public policies, and increasing access to technical and financial assistance. Our approach leads to stronger partnerships, more resilient ranches, and ultimately, better-connected landscapes. 

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Conserving Migration Corridors

Supporting landowners to conserve pathways for migratory wildlife like elk, deer and pronghorn.

Strategies for Corridors

Landowner perspectives gained through one-on-one interviews and focus groups provide the foundation for the recommendations contained within this toolkit. They are shared side-by-side with concise strategies for policymakers, funders, and organizations looking to improve wildlife habitat in this dynamic trans-boundary region of Colorado and New Mexico.

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Stewardship Practice Guides

Sharing knowledge between land stewards.

Publications by landowners for landowners

We are regularly adding to our library of resources to help land stewards take practical action and make tough decisions about every day stewardship issues, from water and forestry to livestock and wildlife.

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Stewardship Resources

Habitat Conservation Strategies for Migrating Wildlife Cover Image

Habitat Conservation Strategies for Migrating Wildlife

Protecting the long migratory pathways of ungulates like elk, deer and pronghorn requires collaboration across landownership boundaries and the ability to work with private landowners effectively. We looked at the tools that are being and could be used to support private landowners in conserving migration corridors in the Upper Rio Grande. The lessons we learned, and summarize in this toolkit, are applicable across the West.

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