As landowners and managers, the future of the West is in our hands – if we will lead.

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As a nation, it is essential that we reinvest in the land, natural resources and people that sustain us all. WLA understands sustaining healthy western lands is vital to both our ecosystems and human communities. But we need your help.

What we do and why we care

Western Landowners Alliance is an organization of landowners, managers and partners who are united across the political, economic and social spectrum in a shared appreciation for the importance of land and its stewardship. Our work is led and informed by experienced landowners and managers who have a vested stake in both the economic and environmental well being of the West’s great landscapes and rural communities.

Where your contribution goes

We create opportunities for knowledge exchange between landowners, make science more accessible and relevant, and provide the resources and information needed to make sound management decisions

We ensure that landowners have a voice in shaping public policies that support sustainable stewardship and conservation of the lands and the natural resources in our care.

Working Wild Challenge program
The Working Wild Challenge is a landowner-led effort that recognizes the challenge of ranching with wildlife, and facilitates constructive dialogue between wildlife managers and working lands stewards to solve problems through peer learning, public policies, and increasing access to technical and financial assistance.

Publications and Stories of Stewardship
We provide informative content to land stewards, policy makers and the public through our Western Digest, guide books, e-newsletters, films and On Land magazine.

AllMembers get On Land

On Land - The magazine of the Western Landowners Alliance

If we are to recover the American West to health and abundance, we need a new story about our relationship to land, rooted in an ethic of stewardship. On Land brings forth that story clearly and beautifully, in the voices of the people who are living it, at the leading edge of a future that puts people and nature together again for the benefit of both. If you appreciate the magazine and our work, we recommend (but don't require) a gift of at least $30/yr, to support the vital storytelling in On Land. You can also purchase additional copies of each beautiful 9x11" full color issue to share with friends and neighbors.

Why membership?

WLA was founded by owners and managers of private lands who love the West and want to do all we can to save it. Members join their voice with our coalition of ranchers, farmers and foresters to ensure working lands remain whole, healthy and able to support both people and wildlife.

Members throw their weight behind our work. 

Provide a seat at the table

We work to ensure that the values and interests of those who own and manage private lands are represented in key policy decisions that directly impact our lands and stewardship. We also bring diverse stakeholders together to find common sense, common ground solutions to the many challenges we face in the West today. This includes ensuring that working lands support quality livelihoods and human communities while also delivering the many values we all care about, from wildlife habitat to clean water.

Promote private stewardship

For long term success, it is vital that contributions and perspectives from the private landscape be communicated and understood both broadly within society and by special interest groups. This story needs to be told through the media, films, and publications. Landscape-scale conservation cannot be achieved without private lands.

Support a community of practice

WLA convenes its members to share knowledge and best practices that support on-the-ground stewardship. These include ranch tours, meetings and conferences across the West. Each month we also provide a widely-read Western Digest of the most relevant land management resources, issues, and events.

What can members expect?

Members receive invitations to our stewardship tours and other events, a regular "Western Digest" digital newsletter that provides insights, updates, and inspirational stories on stewardship in the West, and other important content on the issues affecting land stewardship.

Members also enjoy the powerful feeling that they are helping secure a thriving future for both people and wildlife in the West, and are a part of a community that understands that humans have a powerful positive role to play in nature.

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