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USDA leadership announces "next chapter" of conservation, focusing on working lands and stewardship in landmark speech

USDA Under Secretary for Farm Production and Conservation Robert Bonnie gave a groundbreaking keynote address at the 150th Anniversary of Yellowstone National Park. In it, he announced a partnership between USDA and the state of Wyoming to conserve habitat for big game migrations on private land surrounding Yellowstone National Park. But more importantly, he inaugurated a "new chapter" in conservation, one that he said must inevitably focus on working lands and supporting private land stewardship.


Our roadmap to a conservation model that works for rural America, working lands and wildlife.

Conservation as usual isn’t working. We are literally losing ground and natural resources every day. We can’t afford to waste any more time with top-down solutions that don’t work. It’s time for an entirely new approach to conservation.

The Biden administration announced a major rollout of policy priorities, via executive action, during their first 10 days in office. Many of these priorities will have direct impacts on western working lands, especially major climate and biodiversity initiatives like 30 by 30.

Meanwhile, many are wondering how the Biden Administration can find enough common purpose with rural communities and people in red states to re-unify our divided country.

We're here to tell you, there are ways that the administration can accomplish both goals. But they have to be committed to working on them not just over the first 10 days, or 100 days, but over the first 1000 days (in other words, the entire term).

We sent the administration this handy roadmap to these first 1000 days, and let them know we are committed long-term to fighting for a conservation model that works for working lands. They're listening. It's time to raise the voice of stewardship. Join us. 

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Biden 30x30 plan emphasizes landowners’ key role in conservation’s future

May 6, 2021 - The Biden administration released a long-anticipated report detailing their proposal to conserve 30 percent of US lands and waters by 2030 (known as 30x30). While the initiative has generated significant speculation and controversy, today’s report appears to indicate a determination on the part of the administration to chart solid middle ground.

Read WLA's full statement.

Send a postcard to the Biden admin from the West.

Add your name to our message to the Biden administration: It's time to radically re-think the conservation model. Western land stewards are ready allies, not obstacles to be removed, in pursuit of climate and conservation goals.

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Biden 30×30 plan emphasizes landowners’ key role in conservation’s future

The Biden administration today released a long-anticipated report detailing their proposal to conserve 30 percent of US lands and waters by 2030 (known as 30×30). While the initiative has generated…
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30 by 30 could be big win for wildlife, if hunters, anglers, farmers, tribes have a say

The president’s executive order is short on details, but sportsmen’s groups are pushing for it to create more wildlife habitat, and hunting and fishing opportunities. WLA’s policy director Zach Bodhane…
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Could Biden use private land to reach 30×30 goals?

The idea isn’t simply to buy up private property or establish traditional easements. Instead, groups like the Western Landowners Alliance, which represents 15 million acres across the western United States…
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Western landowners respond to Biden climate and conservation executive actions

The Biden administration’s announcement today of a package of executive actions on climate and conservation includes several elements that the Western Landowners Alliance (WLA) has insisted are critical to making…
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