Land of Enchantment Legacy Fund

New Mexico’s land and water form the foundation of our communities, and yet without investing in both, we risk our future and that of our children.

Because New Mexico does not have a dedicated funding stream for land and water conservation, federal money is being left on the table for programs that could better protect communities from wildfire, flood and drought, safeguard urban and rural water supplies, support rural and agricultural communities, and grow our outdoor recreation economy. 

Legislators have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to protect New Mexico communities from wildfire, flood and drought, safeguard water supplies for urban and rural areas, support our agricultural communities, and grow our outdoor recreation economy.

Local entities - including acequias, tribes, and Soil & Water Conservation Districts - are primed to apply for projects they know work for them. If adequately funded, this investment could deliver resources to all 33 counties and tribal communities. 

These programs often create jobs in local communities, building critical infrastructure for long-term protection from the ongoing wildfire, flood and drought challenges New Mexico is facing.


We seek to sustain and enhance New Mexico’s agricultural and natural heritage through stewardship, conservation and restoration of our forests, grasslands and watersheds; to provide for wildlife populations and habitats; and to ensure the continuation of agricultural production on working farms and ranches.


New Mexico is one of the only Western states that doesn’t have dedicated land and water conservation funding. This gives states like Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming and Montana a competitive advantage over New Mexico, jeopardizing our growth in the outdoor recreation economy sector. It also harms local industries like agriculture that rely on land and watershed health to prosper. 


If the state of New Mexico invested $350 million in long-term, sustainable conservation funding, it could leverage hundreds of millions of federal matching dollars for New Mexico communities.

The Land of Enchantment Legacy Fund would invest in existing land and water stewardship programs, giving legislators a historic opportunity to deliver for New Mexico communities. It would also preserve our cultural heritage and outdoor traditions, leaving a legacy for our children to hunt, fish, farm, and enjoy the lands and waters the way our ancestors have for generations.

History has been made in New Mexico!

Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham signed the state’s budget on March 6th, which includes an additional $300 million for the now fully-funded Land of Enchantment Legacy Fund. This money will provide long-term funding for land and water conservation, agriculture, and outdoor recreation projects statewide.

What began as a partnership initiative between Western Landowners Alliance and the New Mexico Association of Conservation Districts has now become the most significant investment in New Mexico's land and water future ever.

Thanks to the work of our broad-based coalition and legislative champions, the interest generated from the fund will enable the state to manage and restore watersheds, forests and rangelands, to conserve and improve soil, water resources and wildlife habitats, and to increase the health and productivity of agricultural lands.

"The future of land, water, agriculture and wildlife in New Mexico is much brighter today with this historic investment," said Lesli Allison, CEO of the Western Landowners Alliance. "Thank you to all the WLA members who spoke up in favor of investing in New Mexico’s working land legacy. This happened because of you!"

It’s been a long road to reach this point, but New Mexico’s future now looks healthier than ever. Cheers to the Land of Enchantment Legacy Fund!

Supported by a broad coalition.

We are proud to be part of a broad coalition coming together to advocate for land and water stewardship resources.

The Land of Enchantment Legacy Fund is a bipartisan product of five years’ negotiations among a broad coalition of non-governmental organizations.

With support from the governor and legislators in both parties, we have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to deliver for New Mexico communities by passing this fund.

Check out the coalition campaign website here for more info:

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