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NRCS and the 2018 Farm Bill: What’s New

By Guest Author | December 11, 2019

When a new farm bill comes out, there is often a sinking feeling that it’s going to be a lot to swallow and maybe not all of it will be great tasting. Will the same programs be available? And if so, what will be different about them, if anything? What exactly are the programs again?

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Announcing our New Landowners’ Guide!

Reducing Conflict with Grizzly Bears, Wolves and Elk A Western Landowners’ Guide How can we as landowners share and manage a wild, working landscape that sustains both people and wildlife? In this new guide, western landowners offer a variety of solutions based on their own experience. The knowledge and insight offered in this guide have…

Western Digest – December 2018

News and opportunities on working lands, water and wildlife  Happy holidays and warm wishes this winter from all of us at WLA! Articles in this issue range from new profitability mapping research to a global massive insect decline and from using marginal cropland to improve water quality to the 2018 Farm Bill and hiring for…

Conservation Finance Series – Final Thoughts

Conservation Finance Series—Part Eight of Eight By Jane Rice, WRA, Inc. and Ben Guillon, Conservation Investment Management This post concludes our conservation finance series, which has provided an overview of various ways landowners can get paid for implementing stewardship practices on their land. The series covered approaches ranging from conservation easements to carbon crediting and…

Farm Bill: Wins for Working Lands and Conservation!

For the past three years, Western Landowners Alliance has worked hard and in collaboration with a variety of partners to ensure strong support in the 2018 Farm Bill for working lands in the West. We are pleased to announce that on December 10th, Congress released the 2018 Farm Bill conference report reflecting many of WLA’s…

Western Digest – November 2018

News and opportunities on working lands, water and wildlife  As winter approaches and we bundle up and turn in to be with family and friends, I write to you with a heart full of gratitude for the work that you do to steward our Western landscapes. Articles in this issue range from a Q&A with…

Securing Your Legacy on the Land

Succession Planning Q&A – Part 1 of 5, with guest contributor Howard Weiss, US Trust. This is the first in a series of question and answer sessions focused on succession planning between Hallie Mahowald of Western Landowners Alliance and Howard Weiss of US Trust. If you have additional questions around succession planning that you would like…

Western Digest – October 2018

News and opportunities on working lands, water and wildlife  Whether you are harvesting, shipping, hunting, hiking or otherwise, we hope that the cool fall weather finds you well and with time to be out on the land. Articles in this issue range from water rights for restoration to keeping rangelands greener and from the economic…

For western landowners, conservation & economics go hand-in-hand

The American West is unique in the amount and continuity of land and habitat it provides. Spanning across private and public boundaries, western working lands feed, water and fuel the nation while sustaining up to 80 percent of the region’s wildlife species. The next era of conservation must shape economic conditions and policies that actively…

Conservation trailblazer presented with “Land & Livelihoods” award

  Western Landowners Alliance was delighted to publicly recognize Montana resident Bill Milton with the first annual “Lands and Livelihoods Award” for his exceptional contributions to the stewardship and conservation of working lands throughout Montana. The award was created to recognize an owner or manager of working lands who has made exceptional contributions as a…

Case Study: Elk Glade Ranch

By guest contributor Kevin Alexander Watt, TomKat Ranch. In June, I visited Elk Glade Ranch near Colorado Springs, Colorado during a stewardship tour hosted by the Western Landowners Alliance. Elk Glade Ranch is owned and operated by the Johnson and Hammond families and is a remarkably diverse landscape and operation. The ranch is a beautiful,…

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"In the Sonoran and Chihuahuan bioregions and most of the arid West, ranching is now the only livelihood that is based on human adaptation to wild biotic communities … Much more is at stake here than the future of a few ranch families. Wildlands teach those for whom they are home an outlook and insights to which others are blind."

Jim Corbett

The Malpai Agenda for Grazing in the Sonoran and Chihuahuan Bioregions


"The care of the earth is our most ancient and most worthy and, after all, our most pleasing responsibility. To cherish what remains of it, and to foster its renewal, is our only legitimate hope."

- Wendell Berry

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