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Tenacity + Solidarity + Creativity

By Sarah Gleason | January 15, 2020

One cold, dark, November night, I was lost somewhere outside the small town of Walden, CO, searching for a bison ranch. I had taken time off from my marketing job at Whole Foods Market to help during the outfit’s annual bison roundup. With no cell service, I was becoming increasingly concerned about finding the ranch. Self-doubt kicked in. When I finally had service I called my husband. “Is this normal?! For a 30-some year old woman to be spending her free time showing up at some ranch not knowing where she is going to sleep, what she is going to eat, to learn about a completely new profession?!” My husband replied, “No, but do it anyway.”

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Women in Ranching: Expanding the Circle

The road I traveled to attend my first gathering of Women in Ranching began with this innocuous Facebook message from a friend: “Hi! Do you have any availability to leave the ranch in March? There is a 'women in ranching' group convening here in CA that I think you might be into, they would fly you out.”


I was recently interviewed about entrepreneurship and my equine facilitation practice by a writer at Eventbrite for their company blog. Among other questions, one he asked was, “When was the moment that you took the leap and went all in?” I laughed and replied, "Every single morning, upon opening my eyes, I re-commit to being all in." Commitment. It's a word or concept I've been thinking about a lot this month.

Profiles in Land and Management – Lowry Ranch

As part of our Profiles in Land and Management series, this month we share the inspiring story of Lowry Ranch and how public land managers at the Colorado State Land Board (CSLB) collaborated with private graziers using planned adaptive cattle grazing to improve ecological function on this state-owned property while generating sustainable revenue to support Colorado’s public schools.

Profiles in Land and Management – Sieben Live Stock Company

As part of our Profiles in Land and Management Series, this month we are publishing our profile of the Sieben Live Stock Company in Adel, Montana. The company and ranch have been owned and operated by the Hibbard family for five generations. The Hibbards have a strong commitment to land stewardship and economic sustainability and have carefully tested and thoughtfully implemented a variety of regenerative practices.

Western Digest – September 2019

News and opportunities on working lands, water and wildlife Working Lands Economics Succession Planning: With farms and ranches being swallowed by cities, succession plans are key. This article features WLA’s associate director Cole Mannix’s family and hometown: Bitterroot Magazine.Economic Value of Endangered Species: A recent Oregon State University study offers evidence that boosting the populations…
Wildflowers on Glade Park, CO

News from around Colorado – August 2019

News and opportunities for working lands in Colorado HIGHLIGHTS A Call for Riparian Projects on Private Lands RiversEdge West (REW), formerly the Tamarisk Coalition, is a nonprofit based in Grand Junction that focuses on the advancement of riparian restoration through education, collaboration and technical assistance across the American West. REW has become well versed and…

Western Digest – July 2019

News and opportunities on working lands, water and wildlife Working Lands Economics MT Ranchers Get Paid for Rotational Grazing: In multi-orgnization partnership, Western Sustainability Exchange (WSE) is helping ranchers figure out whether implementing rotational grazing practices (to sequester carbon) make sense for their ranches through the Montana Grasslands Carbon Initiative: Successful Farming. Paying Farmers to…

WLA Participates in Wyoming Governor’s Migration Corridor Advisory Committee

Western Landowners Alliance (WLA) board member and Wyoming rancher Marissa Taylor and WLA’s policy director Jessica Crowder spent June 8th and 9th participating in Governor Gordon’s Migration Advisory Committee (Committee) in Lander, Wyoming. Governor Gordon appointed Taylor to the Committee to represent agriculture and landowners. Governor Gordon has tasked the Committee with recommendations intended to…

News from around Colorado – July 2019

News and opportunities for working lands in Colorado Landowners and partners gather to discuss reduced tillage opportunities in Delta County HIGHLIGHTS Landowners in the Field Western Landowners Alliance (WLA), CSU Extension, CSU Western Colorado Research Center, USDA-NRCS, Mesa and Delta Conservation Districts, and landowners collaborated to host a 2-day cooperative field tour on the West…

Western Digest – June 2019

News and opportunities on working lands, water and wildlife  Working Lands Economics WLA, Rural Economics and Conservation: Check out this radio interview on rural economics, agriculture and conservation with WLA’s associate director, Cole Mannix, and Montana rancher Laura Nowlin: Home Ground Radio. Ecosystem Services Market Consortium Expands: Just three months after its official launch, the…

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At stake

"In the Sonoran and Chihuahuan bioregions and most of the arid West, ranching is now the only livelihood that is based on human adaptation to wild biotic communities … Much more is at stake here than the future of a few ranch families. Wildlands teach those for whom they are home an outlook and insights to which others are blind."

Jim Corbett

The Malpai Agenda for Grazing in the Sonoran and Chihuahuan Bioregions


"The care of the earth is our most ancient and most worthy and, after all, our most pleasing responsibility. To cherish what remains of it, and to foster its renewal, is our only legitimate hope."

- Wendell Berry

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