Building Profitability and Resliency Through Regenerating Soil Health

The Southwest Montana Sagebrush Partnership cordially invites you to this workshop focused on increasing net profitability and resiliency of ranching in SW Montana. Emphasis will include using your livestock to improve soil health, forage biomass, water infiltration and retention, animal performance, and system resilience. Attendees will gain knowledge and practical skill sets needed to take the best next steps in progress. The workshop will provide extensive hands-on instruction with interactive discussion facilitated by Understanding Ag

University of Wyoming Livestock Judging Camp

University of Wyoming Livestock Judging Camp for 9-18 year olds

4M Ranch Horsemanship & Stock Handling Clinic with Curt Pate

The 4M Ranch will be hosting a horsemanship and stock handling clinic with Curt Pate May 24-26

Virtual Fence Workshop

VF is an emerging technology that contains livestock with a reduced need for physical fences. Ranchers create virtual boundaries on digital maps, like Google Maps, that GPS collars detect. The…

Living with Livestock: A Summer Herding Cattle in the Sawtooth Mountains

As I drove north and east, away from the golden California foothills that are Steinbeck country and into a Martian landscape where places went by names like “Craters of the Moon,” “Atomic City” and the “Sawtooth Mountains,” I wondered what was wrong with me.