The carbon sequestration potential of arid and semi-arid Western rangelands has been overlooked or dismissed for too long. Even though per-acre sequestration rates may lag more humid regions, the sheer size of the undeveloped and unconverted rangeland resource intermingled with mesic areas offers a significant opportunity for whole and healthy landscapes to capture and store carbon. Coupled with sustaining and enhancing biodiversity, and healthier water cycles, the benefits of regenerative grazing to lands and communities are vast.

Climate Smart Southwest Hub Projects

We've teamed up with science non-profit Working Lands Conservation and are working with producers and trusted organizations across the Southwest to create a land-based economy in which the return on investment grows over time as the lands and communities from which ecosystem services are derived are stewarded and restored.


We're partnering with conservation districts to support producers in Northern NM with the production and marketing of climate-smart livestock.


We're partnering with the Central Colorado Conservancy (CCC) to support producers in Colorado with the production and marketing of climate-smart livestock.


We're partnering with the Indian Nations Conservation Alliance (INCA) to support tribal livestock producers in Arizona, New Mexico and Oklahoma with the production and marketing of climate-smart livestock.


We're working with the Utah Grazing Improvement Project to support livestock producers in Utah with the production and marketing of climate-smart livestock.

Much more coming soon...

Did we see you at the Society for Range Management meeting?

The Western Landowners Alliance and Working Lands Conservation jointly presented a day-long symposium on ecosystem services market opportunities for ranching on February 14th, 2023 at the Society for Range Management annual conference, in Boise, Idaho.

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