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CDA-Nonlethal Conflict Reduction Program Manager

Colorado Department of Agriculture

Partnership, Service, Professionalism, Productivity, Resepct

Who we are:
Agriculture is a part of all our lives. When you eat, put on clothes, or care for an animal–your life is touched by agriculture. Colorado’s food and agriculture industry generated $47 billion of economic activity in 2019 and supports nearly 5% of the state’s workforce. CDA is proud to be a part of such an important industry.

The CDA’s mission is to strengthen and advance Colorado’s agriculture; promote a safe and high-quality food supply; protect consumers; and foster responsible stewardship of the environment.

Core Values:  
Partnership, Service, Professionalism, Proactivity, and Respect 

CDA Wildly Important Goals:
To accomplish our mission, CDA focuses on four “wildly important goals:” 

Goal 1: Advancing Local Food Access
Goal 2: Expanding Water-Resilient Agriculture    
Goal 3: Supporting the Next Generation in Agriculture    
Goal 4: Advancing Animal Health and Welfare

We use these goals to focus and align the daily work of our staff in support of Colorado farmers and ranchers. Learn more about our Department and our wildly important goals in our performance plan on our website.


Description of Job
Organizational Purpose

1. Detect, diagnose, control, and prevent infectious and contagious diseases of livestock
2. Prepare for and respond to significant livestock disease outbreaks
3. Prevent and investigate cruelty, mistreatment, and neglect of animals
4. Assist agricultural industries, local governments, and livestock producers in the control of predators that affect agriculture
5. Assess and collect from alternative livestock producers or captive wildlife facilities a fee for licensing and maintain appropriate regulations for animal health and disease control
6. License aquaculture facilities and partner with Colorado Parks and Wildlife in its regulation
7. Provide for traceability of livestock locations, livestock, and livestock movements
8. Provide a regulatory diagnostic testing lab to benefit veterinarians, producers, and the livestock industry
9. Collaborate with CPW and livestock producers to reduce and manage livestock depredation
10. Work with other government agencies and non-profit organizations to manage wild horse herds

Objective of the Position
– The Nonlethal Conflict Reduction Program Manager administers and oversees CDA’s nonlethal conflict reduction program.  It will establish statewide objectives, policies, rules, and precedents for these programs and ensure statewide consistency in program implementation.  
– The Program Manager ensures that the Division is administering and fulfilling its responsibilities per the MOU with CPW and state statutes/regulations.  
– This position will provide policy and program analysis to advise and inform the Commissioner of Agriculture, the State Veterinarian, and the Ag/Wildlife Programs Manager on research and initiatives related to nonlethal depredation management.   For instance, this position is the liaison with Colorado Parks and Wildlife for non-lethal conflict reduction.  
– This position serves as CDA’s department’s subject matter expert in nonlethal depredation mitigation.  Primary job duties include strategic planning and program growth, budget management, coordinating with CPW and Wildlife Services, community and agency outreach and engagement, loaning of nonlethal conflict reduction equipment, hands-on nonlethal conflict reduction field work including installation of equipment, and range riding. 
– This position has been identified and delegated by management to represent the agency and speak on behalf of the agency to other organizations. 
– This position will represent the agency in public meetings and interagency working groups related to nonlethal conflict reduction. As senior authority, this position is responsible for interpreting, enforcing, and implementing state statute and agency regulations.  

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