Alta Live: Ranchers Fighting Climate Change

Kent Reeves is part of a movement to fight climate change by repairing California’s native grasslands, provided he can rope his fellow ranchers and their cattle into the plan. Reeves and Alta…


Women in Ranching Circle – Cinch Buckle Ranch

Cinch Buckle Ranch Broadus

The Cinch Buckle Ranch is found down long-stretching red gravel roads, nestled in the rolling grass prairies of southeast Montana. The grazing lands that make up the Cinch Buckle are…


Producer Perspectives: Virtual Grazing School Session 4


The Alberta Range Stewardship Course and the Southern Alberta Grazing School for Women are partnering to bring you a Virtual Grazing School. There are 4 online sessions starting on July…


Women in Ranching Circle – J Bar L Ranch

J Bar L Ranch Centennial Valley

Nestled within the Centennial Valley, the J Bar L Ranch encompasses 20,000 acres of deeded and leased land. That’s 5,000 acres more than the entire island of Manhattan. A holistically-managed…