J Bar L Ranch

August 10 - August 12, 2021

Centennial Valley, Montana

About J Bar L Ranch

Nestled within the Centennial Valley, the J Bar L Ranch encompasses 20,000 acres of deeded and leased land. That’s 5,000 acres more than the entire island of Manhattan. A holistically-managed cattle ranch, the J Bar L is dedicated to continuing the valley’s historic ranching tradition while stewarding the Centennial’s stunning and complex rangeland ecosystem. Depending on the cattle’s grazing rotations, you may or may not see the cattle during your stay. However, you are sure to witness some of the numerous wildlife that call this valley home.

In their words

The J Bar L Ranch is passionate about conservation and ensuring the land and animals are protected and encouraged to thrive as a result us being here. We achieve this through our holistic ranching practices as well as our strategic partnerships with ranching and conservation groups. Some of our partner groups focus on finding sustainable ways for ranching and local wildlife to coexist, while others focus on resource and species-specific research, habitat restoration and educational programs relating to specific conservation efforts in the Centennial Valley and the greater Yellowstone ecosystem. 

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