For the past three years, Western Landowners Alliance has been supporting and expanding women’s leadership on working rangelands through our Women in Ranching program. In 2019, we provided a home to help this program expand around the West and beyond, and we are so proud of the significant impact it has had with women caring for land, animals and their local communities.

We are excited to announce that Women in Ranching has fledged and is taking off on its own. WLA has supported WinR through stabilization, growth, a global pandemic, and exciting new partnerships. Now, Women in Ranching is ready to soar as an independent non-profit.

We are celebrating this change. It will allow both Western Landowners Alliance, which remains fully committed to growing women's leadership in land stewardship, and Women in Ranching to deliver the strongest services and impacts to our communities. We remain a proud and prominent partner with the newly independent Women in Ranching organization! 

Amber Smith will be continuing as the leader of Women in Ranching. Though we will miss her terribly, we know she has big things in store as an executive director!

Thank you to all of the dedicated funders, supporters, and participants of the Women in Ranching program over the years! You will always be part of the Western Landowners Alliance community.

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