WLA attends the Western Association of State Departments of Agriculture summer meeting


Young Living Farms

In early August, WLA Executive Director Lesli Allison and WLA Policy Director Jessica Crowder attended the Western Association of State Departments of Agriculture (WASDA) summer meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah.  WASDA is made up of Commissioners, Secretaries and Directors of State Departments of Agriculture from 15 U.S. states and territories.  

The meeting was educational, with several tours including:

  • Young Living Essential Oils Farm
  • Church of Latter Day Saints aid and relief program
  • Circle A Ranch and Livestock, where recreation, livestock grazing and conservation practices coexist to create a diverse operation for the landowners  

Several excellent speakers throughout the meeting showcased innovative agricultural practices, federal land management priorities and opportunities for diversification and conservation.  Meeting participants shared ideas about policies and programs implemented by states to improve agricultural practices, introduce innovative approaches to agriculture and create opportunities to implement conservation practices. Several states have implemented programs that create opportunities for landowners and land managers to engage in progressive agriculture and conservation practices.  

The Utah Department of Agriculture and WASDA hosted an excellent summer meeting.  WLA appreciated the opportunity to attend, build relationships, and learn more about the work of States to improve agriculture across the West.

Send any questions about this or other policy updates posted by WLA to Jessica Crowder, WLA Policy Director: jessica@westernlandowners.org.

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