Western settlement patterns, past and present, have always followed the water. The majority of fertile valley bottoms and accessible water resources are thus privately managed. Both water resource policy and decisions private landowners and agricultural producers make about water use are critical to the West’s future. Western Landowners Alliance provides a direct voice for landowners committed to the conservation and wise use of the West’s precious water.


Stewardship with Vision: Caring for New Mexico’s Streams.

Private stewardship of Western land and water plays a vital role in the health of the West. This must-read guide highlights the importance of New Mexico landowners to our economic and environmental future. Our food, water resources, forests, rangelands, and fish and wildlife populations depend on their stewardship. Public policies that support and encourage the voluntary stewardship of our shared resources benefit us all.


Western Water Threatened by Wildfire: It's Not Just a Public Lands Issue

A report by the American Forest Foundation, highlights the important role states can play in empowering private landowners to protect forested headwaters that supply millions of Westerners with clean water, in the threat of severe drought and wildfires.


Principles for State Water Planning:

Many states, including Colorado, New Mexico, and Montana, are implementing statewide Water Planning. WLA drafted and adopted these principles for use by landowners who are engaging in these planning processes throughout the West.

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