Lane Justus

Idaho Resource Coordinator

Boise, ID

Originally from central Arkansas, Lane Justus has nearly a decade of experience conducting biology and conservation research, as well as habitat management and wildlife conflict prevention field work in the northwestern United States and throughout Latin America. Her experience has primarily revolved around working in conjunction with agricultural producers and landowners in rural communities to determine best management practices understanding both ecological and economic concerns. As the Idaho Resource Coordinator, Lane works with landowners in Idaho to access funding and tools to improve the economic viability of land stewardship efforts.

She holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish, Political Science, and Latin American Studies from the University of Arkansas. She also holds a Graduate Certificate in Environmental Policy from the University of Massachusetts – Dartmouth and is currently pursuing a Masters in Environmental Management through Boise State University.  

Lane has worked in several different ecosystems across North America and with a wide range of species, from sharks and stingrays to sage-grouse and wolves. In her spare time, she likes to explore new places, cook with friends, and help out at an organic farm, ranch and dairy in Glenns Ferry, Idaho. 

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