Jonathan Bowler

Headwaters of Colorado Coordinator

Jonathan is a hog, goat, sheep, chicken, rabbit, cattle, and grass farmer who gets the work done with the help of a few dogs and rusty old tractors alongside his wife and daughter. Jonathan and his wife Laura started the Freeborn Farm in 2021 to provide the highest quality products from heritage breed livestock through direct to the consumer marketing in Wyoming and Colorado. As first generation producers, Jonathan and Laura allowed a devotion to healthy nutrition and ecosystems to guide the development of the farm and enjoy every moment raising their daughter as a second generation regenerative farmer.

Jonathan received Master’s of Planning, Water Resources, and Environment & Natural Resources from the University of Wyoming in the late 2010s and has since worked for environmental non-profits, conservation districts, conservancy districts, and as a water resource consultant. 

As the Headwaters of the Colorado Initiative Coordinator, Jonathan’s goal is to encourage a healthy connection between human communities and the productivity of the natural world by building collaborative support for projects that contribute to resilient ecosystems and nature-based livelihoods. 

When not at work, Jonathan will usually be working on something else around the farm, ideally with his wife and daughter.

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