Erik Kalsta

Working Wild Challenge Program Director

Glen, MT

Erik Kalsta lives and ranches with his wife Jami on their sheep and cattle ranch along the Big Hole River in southwestern Montana. Now coming into its 5th generation, 125+ years in the same family, it is a monument to stubbornness that some might call sustainability. Erik’s love of ranching encompasses far more than cattle or sheep, it extends to the all the wildlife that inhabit or migrate through the property, and the vegetation that makes those interactions possible. He is passionate about maintaining the open spaces provided by working lands and the habitat they provide.

To support his ranching and education habit Erik spent 10 years working in commercial fisheries in Alaska. That time further informed him that he needed to be proactive to be successful in dealing with wildlife management issues, which is a big part of what he has been doing for the last 25 years.

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