Alex Karol

California Grazing Lands Coordinator

Santa Maria, California

Alex is a sheep and cattle rancher, and shearer in San Luis Obispo County, California. After working on a number of farms and ranches on the Central Coast, Alex and his wife Kelsey started Outlaw Valley Ranch in 2017. They sell their beef, lamb and wool products direct to consumers in the region. Being the first generation meant starting from scratch and utilizing as many resources and funding opportunities as possible. They have worked with the NRCS, FSA, American Farmland Trust, and Fibershed to build infrastructure and monitor rangeland health on their ranch. 

Alex received a Master’s of Agriculture, Integrated Resource Management from Colorado State Online in 2019, with a focus in sustainable livestock production. As coordinator for the California Grazing Lands Coalition, his goal is to keep ranchers ranching. Not only by recognizing that economic and environmental sustainability go hand in hand, but by connecting ranchers with technical assistance, education and other conservation efforts on working lands in California.

Outside of work, Alex spends his time surfing, snowboarding, and enjoying time with his wife and daughter.

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