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At Western Landowners Alliance, our roots in Western communities run deep. Our team of landowners, managers, and producers face the very challenges we aim to solve. We understand the urgency because we live it every day.

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With your stories, your knowledge and your help, we’re raising widespread public awareness of the central importance of working lands to both people and wildlife. Together, we’re shaping public policies, increasing economic opportunities, and empowering land stewards with knowledge and resources that support healthy lands, quality livelihoods and stronger communities.

James Rogers

"Landowners that prioritize the long-term care of the natural resources they steward should rejoice that the Western Landowners Alliance exists and is out there fighting for them."

James Rogers

Northway Ranch Services

"Western Landowners Alliance is one of only a few organizations that understands that conservation is not only about just the land – it’s the people AND the land. Most of our endangered species are on private land, and it’s the people on private lands that have the most important role in saving them from extinction. WLA represents the West and the West needs WLA!"

Gwen Kolb

USFWS Partner Program, NM

“You are the absolute best spokesperson for people like me, someone who is trying to help wildlife and habitat but also has a mortgage and an operating note.”

Dallas May

May Ranch, Lamar, CO

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Forests and Ranges

Forest and Range

Share knowledge and learn from best stewards in the West for improving your forest and range.



From protecting your water rights to helping increase healthy stream flows, these are the resources landowners need for managing water in the West.



Landowner resources for wildlife management, from ungulates to large carnivores to threatened and endangered species.



Knowledge and resources to keep working lands economically viable, intact and in the family.

From The Blog


Whether conventional or renewable, it’s critical for landowners to understand how to contend with energy development. These are resources to help you do that.

Toward a Healthy and Productive West

Stronger Together

Delivering landowner perspectives and improving public dialogue on land and natural resource management.

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On Land - The Voice of Stewardship in the American West

Wise stewardship of our lands and natural resources is the fundamental challenge of our time. If we are to recover the American West to health and abundance, we need a new story about our relationship to land, rooted in an ethic of stewardship. On Land brings forth that story clearly and beautifully, in the voices of the people who are living it, at the leading edge of a future that puts people and nature together again for the benefit of both.

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