As landowners, we value wildlife and appreciate the critical importance of biodiversity to healthy ecosystems, to our quality of life and to our own survival. A central part of our mission at Western Landowners Alliance is to help sustain habitat connectivity and native species. Yet we also know first hand the complex realities, financial impacts and management challenges of of co-existing with species such as large carnivores, accommodating the needs of imperiled species and providing forage and habitat for publicly owned and managed wildlife populations. WLA supports landowners in sustaining and co-existing with wildlife by facilitating the exchange of field-tested science and management experience, and by working to ensure landowners get the recognition and financial support they need to keep working lands economically viable while also supporting wildlife species.


A Wyoming Landowners Handbook to Fences and Wildlife

By tailoring fence design and placement, using the practical tips in this guide, landowners can decrease damage to their fences, saving them money in the long-run, and prevent wildlife injuries.

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