Roam Ranch

November 6 - November 9, 2020

Fredericksburg, Texas

About Roam Ranch

Nestled deep in the Texas hill country, Roam Ranch is a regenerative farm striving to produce nourishing meat and heal ecosystems by mimicking the complexity of nature.

Started by first generation farmers, Katie and Taylor’s journey into ranching was based on a vision to positively impact large-scale agriculture through producing nourishing food that improves the lives of animals, enriches the health of consumers, and regenerates the land on which we depend. Like much of the world, this once-fertile region has been industrially farmed for the past 100 years. Through persistent tilling of soil, planting of monoculture row crops, and overgrazing, ROAM Ranch was not capable of producing food upon its purchase. Land in this condition is often deemed “unsalvageable” and in many circumstances further degenerates with rest- but we are going to prove otherwise.

Through the land stewardship of Katie and Taylor, ROAM Ranch is currently amid a large-scale ecosystem restoration process in which livestock is used to replicate the patterns of native species. Inspired by leaders in the regenerative agriculture space, the ranch is operated in a holistic context that utilizes high intensity planned grazing methods. Emulating the biodiversity found in nature, ROAM Ranch is a multispecies operation in which the animals symbiotically support each other, increase the overall health of the land, and improve the resilience of the farm. We raise the finest grass fed and free range bison, beef, pork, chicken, and turkey year round.

Facilitators and Team

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