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Proposed Trust Fund is an Investment in New Mexico’s Future


Trout Stalker Ranch in Chama, New Mexico. Photo by Adam Schallau. 

The New Mexico Agricultural and Natural Resources Trust Fund (NM SB 454), sponsored by Senator Steven Neville of Aztec, New Mexico, seeks to establish an endowment fund to be used to invest in the state’s natural and agricultural resources.

New Mexico is facing a diminishing water supply that has impacted—and will continue to impact—the state’s citizens. Agricultural producers, recreationists, municipalities and more have felt this impact and recognize the need to provide a stable water supply for the benefit of all. Landowners and managers have worked with partners, including federal agencies and New Mexico’s Soil and Water Conservation Districts, to implement conservation practices and management practices that impact available water sources and improve soil health. With the right support and partnerships, landowners and managers can expand their efforts to increase water supplies, improve water quality and keep New Mexico’s fragile soils intact. The creation of the Agricultural and Natural Resources Trust Fund provides an opportunity to leverage significant additional resources into New Mexico by providing matching funding and stimulating public-private partnerships to secure our land and water future.

Large scale, cross boundary, on-the-ground projects provide a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Improved soil health.
  • Improved water holding capacity and water quality.
  • Sustained water supplies.
  • Increased resilience to catastrophic wildfires and drought.
  • Enhanced wildlife and fisheries habitats.
  • Productive agricultural lands.
  • Viable farms and ranches.
  • Stable rural communities and economies.

The New Mexico Agricultural and Natural Resources Trust Fund is an investment in the future. You can learn more about the bill that creates the fund, NM SB 454, by reading this summary and the bill itself.

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