Working Lands Conservation is Hiring Field Crews

WLC is looking for two crew leads and three field techs to join our summer Working Lands Conservation research team!

U.S. ranchers have long relied on rangelands to provide forage for livestock. More recently, there is a growing interest in rangelands providing a broader array of ecosystem services including sustainable forage, healthy riparian areas, and high quality sage grouse habitat. Despite a growing interest in managing ecosystem services on rangelands, there is no consensus on how management practices affect the sustainable provision of these services. 

Our goal is to learn how to better manage rangelands for multiple ecosystem services.  Our project examines how three different grazing systems – season-long continuous grazing, four pasture grazing, and short-duration rotational grazing — affect target ecosystem services including: sustainable forage production, riparian health, soil health, carbon sequestration & sage-grouse habitat. To do this, we will collect data on vegetation, riparian habitat, soils, and sage-grouse habitat across public lands managed by the BLM plus a private ranch.