How Regenerative Ranching is Revitalizing Rangelands

Duke Phillips, a third generation rancher and the CEO & Founder of Ranchlands, has spent his life on working lands. When people learn this, they generally have one of two notions—a romantic and glamorized one where he spends his days surveying the landscape while chewing on a piece of grass or that he works in an extractive industry that takes from the land and is anti-ecological.  Both are false. Phillips aims for his ranching business to regenerate ecosystems, improve the quality of life for people living near and working on ranches, and to help the public better understand the American ranching legacy.

During Regenerative Travel’s webinar How Regenerative Ranching is Revitalizing Rangelands, the panelists, including Western Landowners Alliance’s Executive Directer Lesli Allison, aimed to demystify ranching, and to share how this tradition can help to conserve our most biodiverse landscapes, reverse climate change, and deepen a connection between people, animals, and land.