Land & Water Conservation Groups Support Funding of Wastewater Treatment Plant

March 27, 2014 | 2:30 pm

Chama, NM – Today, Governor Susana Martinez announced $8 million dollars in funding for a new wastewater treatment plant in Chama, New Mexico as she stood near the site of the proposed facility. This announcement comes on the heels of the New Mexico legislature’s approval of House Bill 55 and the capital outlay funding of water projects around the state.

“We applaud the state of New Mexico for supporting this important cooperative project. A new wastewater treatment plant will provide clean water to the people and land of northern New Mexico in addition to downstream water users in Santa Fe and Albuquerque,” said Monique DiGiorgio, Representative of the Chama Peak Land Alliance. “The private landowners in the Chama Peak Land Alliance steward the land in this region and a new wastewater treatment plant will add tremendous value to our collective efforts to increase the overall health of the watershed and the communities that depend on it.”

“From a commercial perspective, there are fishing-related businesses from Chama down to Albuquerque that benefit enormously from the Chama’s water being of the highest possible quality. There are also lots of families that depend on the river for fish to supplement their nutritional needs,” said Toner Mitchell, the NM Public Lands Coordinator for Trout Unlimited.
“This is a very exciting accomplishment in the San Juan – Chama Watershed Partnership and shows the real value of what can happen when private landowners and communities work together,” said Lesli Allison, Executive Director of the Western Landowners Alliance.

For more information on the benefits of the wastewater treatment plant, please see the attached letter of support signed by 77 individuals, organizations, businesses, and stakeholders from Albuquerque to Chama demonstrating an overwhelming support by the entire San Juan – Chama watershed community -those that live in the headwaters and those who rely on the headwaters in northern New Mexico for clean water.

For more information on the San Juan – Chama Watershed Partnership, visit


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