Montana Aspen Workshop – Virtual Workshop

Please join us virtually for presentations and discussion about: Aspen ecology and functional types Monitoring goals, protocols, and treatments How different goals (e.g. wildlife use, grazing impact, post fire effects, insects & disease presence/impacts) influence survey types We do not have a final agenda in place yet, but have been busy adapting this workshop during times…


Montana Aspen Workshop – In Person Field Day

Dillon, MT Dillon, MT

The field day will be based out of Dillon, MT. This day is optional and is subject to change based on COVID guidelines. We will limit participation to a small group as this day will require car travel and face to face gathering. Field day content will be similar to our virtual discussion, with a…


Grazing for Soil Health on Rangeland: The Art of Electric Fencing

Quivira Coalition and Mad Agriculture are hosting our 2nd ranch and farm planning workshop, Grazing for Soil Health on Rangeland. The workshop features ranch manager Jorge Ramirez of Taiban Creek Ranch located in De Baca County, New Mexico. Jorge will share how he manages his intensive rotational grazing system using electric fencing, and how this…


Women in Ranching Circle – Cinch Buckle Ranch

Cinch Buckle Ranch Broadus, MT

The Cinch Buckle Ranch is found down long-stretching red gravel roads, nestled in the rolling grass prairies of southeast Montana. The grazing lands that make up the Cinch Buckle are home to a large array of wildlife, a 600-head herd of mother cows, and an amazing team of people who are dedicated to stewarding the…


Women in Ranching Circle – J Bar L Ranch

J Bar L Ranch Centennial Valley, MT

Nestled within the Centennial Valley, the J Bar L Ranch encompasses 20,000 acres of deeded and leased land. That’s 5,000 acres more than the entire island of Manhattan. A holistically-managed cattle ranch, the J Bar L is dedicated to continuing the valley’s historic ranching tradition while stewarding the Centennial’s stunning and complex rangeland ecosystem. Depending…


Low-Risk, Low-Cost Grazing Workshop

3R Ranch 7100 3R Rd S, Beulah, CO

In these times, finding a way to de-stress a land manager’s job can feel impossible. If you have ever longed for easy-to-use, practical tools that help you better understand the relationship between elements such as the condition of animals, the health of the land, and managing drought risk, then this workshop is for you. On August…