Announcing our New Landowners’ Guide!

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Reducing Conflict with Grizzly Bears, Wolves and Elk

A Western Landowners’ Guide

How can we as landowners share and manage a wild, working landscape that sustains both people and wildlife? In this new guide, western landowners offer a variety of solutions based on their own experience.

The knowledge and insight offered in this guide have not been lightly earned. Each of the contributors brings a wealth of real-world experience in ranching and wildlife management. Some ride daily among grizzlies. Others spend nights on the range among wolves. Out of necessity and interest, they are innovators and close observers of wildlife, livestock and people. They know first-hand the difference between what looks good on paper and what works on the ground.

You can see the full list of contributors HERE. You can also take a look at an excerpt from the guide, including a letter from WLA’s executive director, Lesli Allison, the table of contents and the full introduction.

Thank You to our Sponsors!

Western Landowners Alliance is indebted to the National Geographic Society for making it possible for us to dive into this project, and to the George B. Storer Foundation, Partners for Fish & Wildlife, the Blackfoot Challenge and Heart of the Rockies for providing critical support during the production phase of the guide.

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  1. Jim Custer on January 19, 2019 at 1:01 pm

    I am very interested in establishing a Wetland Bank on Holdings I have in La Plata County, Colorado, at Vallecito Lake Colorado, these properties are all located above the Dam. OI also have substantial Water Rights with which to use for the establishment of the Wetlands.I would like to speak with someone about the overall process, I have 3 possible Candidates, One 53 Acre Property, another 24 acre property and one 30 Acre Property that I did a Conservation Easement on 20 years ago, before there were any tax credits allowed from the State of Colorado.

    I have several questions as follows:
    Can some of my existing Wetlsnds qualify for the Wetland Bank Credits ?

    How do the Values of or for the Credits get established ?

    Can the Credits from my land in Colorado be sold to a developer in another State like say Florida or maybe some state in the Midwest ?

    Are the Credits when turned in money from the sale of them Taxed at the Federal and State Level just like any other type of Long Term Capital Gains Income ?

    How does one go about marketing these Wetland Credits for Sale ?

    Are there Brokers that work in only this narrow market of selling the Credits ?

    My Last Website was for Wits End Guest Ranch and Resort, Inc. you can still see most of that on the Web,
    I no longer own Wits End but did own and operate it for 25 Years. It was a Luxury Class Dude Ranch

    I l;look forward to hearing from someone.