WLA attends CA Rangeland Conservation Coalition Annual Summit

On January 16 and 17, WLA participated in the California Rangelands Conservation Coalition annual meeting in Stockton, CA. Meeting attendees sat for presentations from landowners, producers, government officials and other natural resources leaders on predator policy and management.

To conclude the first day of activities, guests were treated to a film festival featuring WLA’s Stewardship With Vision series. This was a tremendous opportunity to not only to share our excitement over the growing video outreach effort, but also to generate much-needed discussion about ways WLA and other organizations can most effectively share the stories and experiences of families on the land.

The second day of the CRCC annual meeting kicked off with a panel hosted by WLA Policy Director Grant Colvin focusing on strategies for effective advocacy. Panel attendees worked together to identify policy challenges and opportunities in today’s political climate and explored outreach, media and coalition-building methods to help amplify western concerns and voices.

Using lessons from the morning panel, WLA helped to wrap up the week’s meeting by leading a group examination of current policy issues facing landowners, producers and rural communities. Among other areas of interest, the group discussed the Farm Bill, federal appropriations, outcome-based grazing and wild horse and burro management at the BLM, state wolf policy and the future of sage-grouse conservation.

WLA leaves California grateful for the opportunity provided by Karen Sweet and the CRCC Team to learn from inspiring natural resources leaders. Cheers to a successful event and partnerships going forward!

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