Emily Taylor

Emily Taylor is the owner and rancher of PT Ranch. The story of Emily the farmer starts with Emily the interior designer when a woman with an acute awareness of the home began to develop an acute awareness of the plate. For someone who has always loved food, creating a sustainable, beautiful, and practicable system for its production was a logical next step. On the ranch first acquired by her father in the 1950’s, Emily is inspired by the history of Amador County, rich in arable land and strong local communities. She is tasked with the humbling work of producing an integrated and regenerative agricultural system to provide the highest quality produce and pasture raised meats to clients who share her desire to mix old knowledge with new innovation. Emily works alongside her family Ned, Molly and Madeline, and a dedicated and influential team comprised of Sean, Ramon and Fatima and their Livestock Guard Dog, Osgood.

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