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Cole Mannix

Associate Director

Helena, MT

Cole is part of an extended family that has ranched together in Montana’s Blackfoot valley since 1882 and today operates a local brand called Mannix Beef. He worked as Director of Operations for five years with western ranchers in establishing and operating a regional beef company dedicated to marketing land stewardship. With Western Landowners Alliance, Cole now works to increase the role of landowner leadership in western conservation, shaping policy to better support private stewardship. Cole holds a B.A and B.S. from Carroll College in Montana and an M.A. from Boston College in Massachusetts. He lives in Helena with spouse Eileen and sons Finn and Charlie.

Stories by Cole Mannix

My role on Montana’s Grizzly Bear Advisory Council

February 4, 2020

The 18-member Grizzly Bear Conservation and Management Advisory Council of Montana citizens has a big job between now and its August 2020 deadline. With four the eight scheduled council meetings have now taken place, this a good time to share my impressions of the work so far, and the important tasks that lie before us.

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