Women in Ranching Guides

Christine Ageton

Boulder, CO

Christine Ageton is an independent consultant focused on creating transformative convenings toward systems change in the philanthropic, nonprofit, and international development sectors. Christine has over twenty years’ experience in nonprofit leadership, leadership program curriculum design, delivery and transformative facilitation. She was with BALLE, the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (now called CommonFuture), from 2010 -2019 where she spearheaded all of their transformative learning and funder educations programs as Chief Program Officer. During this time she managed a budget of over one million dollars and built the BALLE team and sourced outside experts and facilitators to deliver multiyear programs yielding systems change. Prior to BALLE, Christine headed international development programs for the Clinton Foundation in Peru, and for the United Nations Environment Program in Panama. For three years, Christine was the Assistant Director for the Kinship Conservation Fellowship and led leadership programs for Conservation International and Wildlife Conservation Society

Christine’s passion and gift lies in designing and hosting transformative experiences for groups and she has deep experience in leadership development, group theory and racial and social equity. Christine has particular skill in successfully convening diverse groups around seemingly intractable problems.  Her work centers on a belief that we must address historic underlying injustice in order to build a future that serves everyone. She approaches this with a method which invites individuals and groups to skillfully look at underlying causes of system dysfunction and then utilize their inherent wisdom to invite the change that they would like to see.  Current consulting clients include: BALLE, the Footprint Foundation of Chattanooga, Jubilee Partners, Green Spaces, and The #NoRegrets Initiative. Christine holds two Masters’ degrees in Community Development and Latin American Studies from the University of New Mexico and a Bachelor of Arts from Skidmore College. Christine hails from Boulder, CO and can be found spending time with her family and enjoying the Rocky Mountains any chance that she gets.

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