Women in Ranching Guides

Beth Robinette

Lazy R Ranch, WA

“If you believe in diversity of thought, then you have to cultivate diversity of thought. Just like creating desirable plants in a pasture, we have to actively manage for what we want. If we want more women land managers we need to create conditions for them to thrive. Even though I was raised on a family ranch, for many years I had anxiety about continuing on, because my husband was not from a ranching background and has little interest in it. Because it was so exhausting to always be the only one in the room. Because there were so many things I was just never taught how to do. The mentorship of the few women ranchers I knew, and the many more I have met through Women in Ranching gave me the confidence to take up the mantle of the fourth generation of my family to steward my land. I could have muscled through the anxiety and stress, but I am so much more successful when I am supported. Each woman in this group is paying it forward, back home in our own communities and on our own landscapes.”

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