On Land Volume 2

Volume 2 has arrived! Order now and it ships the next business day. Enjoy features on trout restoration on private land, how land stewards are dealing with the megadrought across the West, and much more.


The second volume of On Land features:

Making a comeback
Wildlife find refuge on private lands

Essential strategies for surviving drought
How to make it work with less water out West

What does Biden’s 30 by 30 mean for the West?


+ A road ruling puts property rights in the crosshairs

and much more!


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On Land - The Voice of Stewardship in the American West

Wise stewardship of our lands and natural resources is the fundamental challenge of our time. If we are to recover the American West to health and abundance, we need a new story about our relationship to land, rooted in an ethic of stewardship. On Land brings forth that story clearly and beautifully, in the voices of the people who are living it, at the leading edge of a future that puts people and nature together again for the benefit of both.

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