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Western Landowners Alliance advances policies and practices that sustain working lands, connected landscapes, and native species. Join us on our mission.

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The Working Wild Challenge

Thriving ranches and thriving wildlife.

Landowner leadership to reduce conflicts between wildlife and livestock

Our approach leads to stronger partnerships, more resilient ranches, and ultimately, better-connected landscapes.

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The Habitat Lease

Critical habitat for wildlife in the West is disappearing at an alarming rate. We're working on a big solution.

A simple, proven model, applied at scale

Habitat leases are designed to secure existing habitat and ecological services currently provided on private lands that meet threshold requirements for ecological site condition. 

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On Land

The Voice of Stewardship in the American West

WLA's magazine

On Land tells the stories of stewardship in a new West, in the voices of the people who are living it, at the leading edge of a future that puts people and nature together again for the benefit of both.


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Working lands are the future of conservation

By Lesli Allison

Farms and ranches are the cornerstones of both human communities and the ecosystems we all depend on. And they are disappearing. 

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What landowners need to know about the ACE Act

By Zach Bodhane

Provisions in the ACE Act support western landowners and federal land grazing permittees in providing crucial habitat and ecosystem services by providing economic relief and policy options for livestock producers.

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Resources for landowners battling fire and drought

By Jessica Crowder

These are the resources every landowner facing fire and drought needs to know about. 

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Can a fence that allows elk to pass easily stop the disease they carry?

By Louis Wertz

Brucellosis is a highly infectious bacterial disease that most Americans are fortunate to have never heard of. To keep it that way, we need ranchers like Mick McCarty.

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New Mexico wades into troubled waters

By Lesli Allison

The overlooked impacts of the perpetual push for ever more recreational access to and through private land.

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Stewardship with Vision, Episode 9: Sieben Live Stock Company

Sieben Live Stock Company is a family owned and operated ranch in north central Montana which raises cattle and sheep. The Hibbard family believes proper grazing techniques can improve overall land health. Their practices include high density grazing with cattle herds, allowing adequate time to rest – which has ultimately led to some remarkable changes on the rangelands. Thanks to the entire Hibbard family for sharing your stewardship story!


Aspen Next Generation

Conversations from Southern Colorado and Northern New Mexico

Aspen trees and forests are especially important in the Rocky Mountains. Aspens add beauty to landscapes, foster high diversity and productivity of understory plants, provide for the habitat needs of many species of animals, and moderate fire behavior. The Aspen Next Generation project aimed to foster the future of aspen by pulling together insights from landowners, agency personnel, and scientists across southern Colorado and northern New Mexico.


Western Landowners Alliance advances policies and practices that sustain working lands, connected landscapes and native species.


We envision a future in which private and leased public lands in the West are resilient to stressors, healthy, and biologically diverse, and provide for prosperous rural livelihoods and critical ecological services.


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