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We're thrilled to partner with Old Salt's food & music celebration of Montana land stewardship. We'd love to see you there, and if you're into what Old Salt is about, you're in to what Western Landowners Alliance is about, guaranteed. Click the button below and join to get a discount on festival tickets, plus much more!

Add your voice to the voice of stewardship in the American West.

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Members throw their weight into the most important work in the West

Private ranches, farms and forest properties are an important economic and cultural mainstay for Western rural communities. These working lands provide jobs and a high quality way of life.

They also provide valuable open space, protect crucial habitat and wildlife corridors, harbor the majority of imperiled species and control much of the water, including headwaters critical for healthy watersheds and down-stream users. But we live in a time where they are also under extreme pressure.

Western Landowners Alliance has developed a structured way for working land innovators to protect the intrinsic value of these lands, connect, and share and advocate in ways that protect the land and our way of life - both now and for the


“Landowners that prioritize the long-term care of the natural resources they steward should rejoice that the Western Landowners Alliance exists and is out there fighting for them.”

James Rogers

Northway Ranch Services
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Join with other like-minded people
Find common sense, common ground solutions to the many challenges we face in the West today, including ensuring that working lands support quality livelihoods and human communities while also delivering the values we all care about, like wildlife habitat and clean water.

Flaming Gorge in summer in Utah National Park with many cows grazing on grass herd near ranch

Promote private stewardship
It's critical that contributions and perspectives from private landowners be communicated and understood both broadly within society and by special interest groups. We tell these stories through media, films, and publications.


Support an active community
WLA helps members share knowledge and best practices that support stewardship including ranch tours, meetings and conference across the West. We also produce Western Digest - a monthly collection of the most relevant land management resources, issues, and events.

What We Do For Our Members

Creating economic and policy solutions
As primary stakeholders with deep personal and financial ties to the land, we ensure that landowners have a direct voice in the policy matters that impact us.

Thriving ranches and thriving wildlife
The Working Wild Challenge is a landowner-led effort that recognizes and addresses the challenge of ranching with wildlife. Our efforts lead to more resilient ranches, and ultimately, better-connected landscapes.

Working lands are rich in biodiversity, and are typically where the majority of fresh water is found. Working lands are also equally critical for sustaining prosperous rural businesses and long-term economic vitality. We support stewardship of this land by providing the resources and information needed to make sound management decisions.

Water Advocacy
Landowners lack a voice in water management decision-making. WLA provides that voice with the potential to make a significant and positive difference in outcomes for both landowners and the underlying watersheds.

Publications and Resources
WLA produces and maintains a library of informative and insightful publications on topics affecting western landowners including agriculture, economics, energy, forest and range, policy, stewardship, water, and wildlife. Members also receive a subscription to our award-winning magazine, On Land.

Events and Job Boards
WLA holds frequent events and meetings for landowners throughout the West and maintains a comprehensive job board for those looking to hire or or work western ranches.


WLA membership is free.

No, WLA is a private 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

WLA is funded by a combination of individual donations from our members and foundation and federal grants.

Our focus is West-wide, with programming in Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.

Join the Alliance.

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