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Coalition to Enhance Working Lands Manager – CO and NM

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Building resilience on arid working lands

New Mexico Coalition to Enhance Working Lands (NMCEWL, is a network of groups and individuals whose purpose is to support and enhance ongoing efforts to improve the health and productivity of New Mexico working lands that support agriculture and the environment. The purpose of the Colorado Coalition to Enhance Working Lands (COCEWL) is to improve the resilience and productivity of Colorado to create viable agricultural businesses and rural communities, protect open space, and increase the ecosystem service benefits these lands provide to the people of Colorado. Both groups are composed of people whose focus is working with agricultural producers and land managers to increase soil health, biodiversity, and hydrologic function wherever possible. Land stewards are more effective when they work as a team and have strong relationships.

Our goals are to acknowledge and support the good work being done on our working lands by landowners and stewards as well as the organizations supporting them, to develop funding opportunities to support them, and to provide professional development and networking opportunities.

Through these activities we engage Colorado and New Mexico working lands organizations and agencies to identify the collective problems of land and natural resource managers and work within the coalition to solve them or engage in collaborative activities that address those needs. Both coalitions are managed under the Education and Outreach Program of the Quivira Coalition.

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