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Inventory Specialist

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Meats for people who Give a Damn!

Corner Post Meats is looking for a person who is enthusiastic about taking care of all the behind the scenes details so we can ship mindful meat to households nationwide. We are a small but mighty crew looking for the right person to join the quest to bring others mindful meat. The job is currently 30-40 hours per week and is be best suited for a candidate with the following three characteristics:

3 Key Characteristics needed for success as the Inventory Specialist

1. Details Are King

Are you a detail-oriented person who loves systematizing processes, reducing uncertainty and bridging the gap between physical and virtual solutions?

Are you exhilarated by the puzzle of figuring out the best order fulfillment process or what meat is in inventory and when we will need more? 

Do you consider being prepared and keeping an accurate inventory a WIN?

2. Focused on Solutions 

The team requires people who seek solutions and thrive on achieving efficient results, while enjoying positive interactions with others. As the Inventory Specialist you are accountable for maintaining an accurate inventory and enough lead time that we don’t run out. It’s not just meat… an animal gave its life in the process of feeding our communities. Let’s treat the land and animals with honor and serve grateful customers the best way we can. In our niche business we have very little room for complacency or negativity. If you see or experience something that needs improved, fixed or solved, your input is the first step.

3. Give A Damn

We have an exciting mission bringing mindful meat to the people. We need team members who can focus on the reality that there are a lot of orders that need to go out each week so we can all achieve the mission of positively impacting the health of our communities and the planet . Someone who Gives A Damn about that mission, enjoys physical work in cold temperatures and is excited about hard work, challenges and solutions involved to get the job done, individually and with a small team.

The primary role of this job:

What meat cuts do we have in stock? How many and in what size packages?
Sort and organize cases of meat
Physically move boxes of meat
Pick meat packages for orders in the freezer 
Occasionally assist with packing customer orders

The job will  involve:

Working 4-5 days at the ranch in Black Forest, CO. 
Physically moving boxes of meat that weigh up to 65 lbs, repeatedly. 
Be in the -10 freezer for extended periods of time.
Pick order items to be individually packed by the Order Fulfillment Team.
Use a computer to assess inventory or look up details about products or orders 
DEAR Inventory Management System experience is a plus but not necessary
 Experience with Shopify is a plus but not necessary
You will work with the Order Fulfillment Team to make sure product details are listed properly and up to date on the website.

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