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Cattle Coordinator

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Regenerative agriculture is our solution

TomKat Ranch is an educational ranch located an hour from San Francisco and Santa Cruz, CA.


  • Contribute to TomKat Ranch mission of regenerative management, grasslands, climate change, water, soil, biodiversity, etc.
  • Oversee a team and support development of skills in regenerative agriculture
  • Plan, coordinate, and direct a cattle program, currently ~150 cattle
  • Perform duties as outlined with Ranch Manager in areas of Livestock, Land Management,
  • Infrastructure, Equipment, and Communications


  • A good candidate is seeking opportunity to utilize skills to regenerate land with livestock, and is open minded to trial, test, monitor a variety of land management and grazing plans
  • Seeking knowledge and place to test skills and grow
  • Passion for regenerative agriculture, grasslands, adaptive livestock, developing teams and self
  • Holistic thinker
  • Humble and open minded
  • Desire to learn and grow
  • Strong work ethic
  • Good sense of humor
  • Appreciate hard work in tough outdoor environments
  • Ability to problem solve
  • Ability to work independently or in a team and always keep the TomKat mission top of mind
  • Relationship and communication skills, create bridges between different points of view, adjust to different learning and communication styles


Receives direction from Ranch Manager. Exercises oversight over Cattle Team and the work of contracted service providers. Responsible for activities and commitments of Cattle Team.



Ability to oversee cattle team performing ranch-related duties including: 10+hour days (as needed) in winter and summer outdoor conditions; considerable amount of physical effort to to fence daily in and around poison oak, hike on steep terrain, stoop, crouch, climb, and lift in performance of assigned duties; ability to work around animals, farm tools, ranch equipment, electric and barbed wire fences and equipment in a safe manner; subject to outdoor working conditions including exposure to dust, noise, heat, cold, brush, ticks; ability to recognize and work safely around hazards associated with ranching, ability to travel to different sites and locations. Work in a small organization with diverse people, background, personalities, skillsets. Comfortable managing cattle program in a research and education environment, where there are numerous ranch gatherings (events and visitors) throughout the year that you may be asked to participate in.

In addition to duties assigned to Cattle Team, the Cattle Coordinator is expected to do the following. Duties described below are examples and not meant to be an exhaustive or all-inclusive list:

  • Create a working cattle schedule that includes, breeding, preg check, calving, weaning, finishing , culling, and maintaining breeding herd
  • Design, communicate and execute grazing plans to achieve livestock and land health goals
    Provide seasonal production reports for cattle program
  • Work with Leftcoast Grassfed to supply finished grass finished cattle
  • Develop protocols and training programs to support cattle team
  • Work with Point Blue Conservation Science to study role of ruminants as an ecological tool
  • As appropriate, comply with American Grassfed Association, CCOF, Animal Welfare Approved in anticipation of future certification audits
  • Schedule, staff, hauling and corral work
  • Inventory and order supplies: vet, mineral, fencing
  • Team management of duties related to infrastructure, equipment, and communication of cattle team
  • Build, support and empower team members

Opportunity to participate in the following, depending on skills and workload:

  • Assist in management of small ruminants including herding in pastures and corrals; vaccinations and treatments; loading and hauling; feeding; building fences for cattle and grassland management
  • Coordinate planned grazing program including developing skills to create and adjust grazing plans, collecting and analyzing monitoring data, and managing health of pastures, soils, and animals
  • Assist with general ranch management; building and maintaining water systems, fencing, infrastructure; operating and maintaining ATVs, tractors, equipment, facilities, landscape, road maintenance
  • Participate in ranch’s education and outreach programs that introduce visitors to concepts, operations, and activities
  • Attend conferences, classes and/or visits to other ranches to expand knowledge of related subjects in regenerative agriculture

Basic Skills:

  • Basics of holistic management concepts and regenerative agriculture
  • Grazing planning, coordination, execution, and monitoring
  • Time management including significant attention to detail
  • Knowledge of and willingness to practice low stress livestock handling
  • Vet care and calving experience
  • Experience working cattle in corrals
  • Experience building and maintaining barbwire and electric fences
  • Interest in open range herding
  • Interest in ecological research
  • Intermediate ATV rider familiar with steep terrain or willing to learn
  • Able or willing to operate farm tools, equipment, vehicles, computers
  • Ability to load and haul livestock with gooseneck trailers
  • Ability to utilize spreadsheets and word documents

Preferred Skills:

  • Working knowledge of holistic management concepts and regenerative agriculture
  • Significant grazing planning experience
  • Experience working Herding Dogs
  • Experience in open range herding

Essential Attributes:

  • Maintain high standards of efficient, ethical, and professional operation for the well being of the Ranch’s staff, facilities, land, animals, and resources
  • Establish and maintain positive, cooperative, effective relationships with high energy team
    Communicate effectively both orally and in writing to colleagues and visitors
  • Possess a Class C California Driver’s License in good standing


Report to Ranch Manager. Work 5 days, averaging 45 hours/week, may be required to work some evenings and weekends as needed for care of livestock and land.

Compensation and Benefits:

  • Hourly wage commensurate with experience and education. Starting: $27.50 per hour
  • Personal stock dogs welcome, once vetted, a compensation package is available
  • Education, classes, and training
  • For the convenience of the employer, this position has on-site housing, partner welcome
  • Insurance – health, dental, vision, life
  • Up to 4 weeks paid vacation depending on hours worked
  • Paid holidays
  • Paid sick days – 1 hour/30 hrs worked
  • Simple IRA with 3% match from employer
  • Up to $125/month cell phone reimbursement
  • $100/month self-care stipend
  • Discounted meat for employees
  • Potential for multi-year contract

Position closes July 15, 2023

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