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Grassland CRP Enrollment Deadline

May 15


When the opportunity came about to improve, update and make changes to provisions included within a United States Department of Agriculture’s Farm Service Agency (FSA) program, Western Landowners Alliance rolled up their sleeves and worked with Senator Bennet (D-CO) and other partners on the 2018 Farm Bill. One result: the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) Grasslands now offers benefits for landowners in the West.

The CRP Grasslands is a federally funded program managed by the FSA. Under the 2018 Farm Bill, changes were made to the program that can benefit western landowners, ranchers and producers who manage their land in a way that complements and conserves wildlife and wildlife habitat.

Specifically, new provisions in the program recognize lands of ecological significance, including lands that support at-risk species, threatened and endangered (T&E) species and wildlife corridors. Farmers, ranchers and producers who include acreages that are known to be in areas of designated candidate, T&E species, critical wildlife habitat and/or wildlife corridors are encouraged to explore this opportunity to participate in the CRP Grasslands program.

Learn more about enrolling: https://westernlandowners.org/landowners-apply-to-enroll-in-the-conservation-reserve-program-crp-grasslands/

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