Protecting the West

WLA's Highlights from 2021

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Shaped the America the Beautiful (30x30) campaign, ensuring that the voice of the landowners is heard.

Circles for AA Landing Page

Championed improvements to USDA programs, including the Grasslands Conservation Reserve Program which now pays farmers and ranchers a minimum of $15/acre.

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In collaboration with partners, secured nearly $1 million in USDA funding to research and improve non-lethal conflict reduction practices. 

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Reached hundreds of thousands with the story of private land stewardship on social media and via our magazine and podcast.

With your support, we will

  • Accelerate the conservation of at-risk species in partnership with the US Fish and Wildlife Service.
  • Ensure that working lands and rural communities are better integrated in collaboration with the Western Governors Association.
  • Develop Farm Bill programs that work better for working lands in the West in partnership with USDA.
  • Gather hundreds of land managers at knowledge-sharing events on working ranches across the west to improve the practice of stewardship.

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On Land - The Voice of Stewardship in the American West

Wise stewardship of our lands and natural resources is the fundamental challenge of our time. If we are to recover the American West to health and abundance, we need a new story about our relationship to land, rooted in an ethic of stewardship. On Land brings forth that story clearly and beautifully, in the voices of the people who are living it, at the leading edge of a future that puts people and nature together again for the benefit of both.

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